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Aquarium Temperature - This is Important! (Types of 2019 Thermometers).

This image shows different types of aquarium thermometers. Temperature, along with chemical balance and water quality, is one of the most important parameters in an aquarium. Fishes, cold-blooded or, as they are also called, poikilothermic animals. That is, creatures whose temperature changes and depends on the ambient temperature. And a sharp temperature drop of 4-5 degrees can cause a temperature shock in the fish, and even death. That is why, when transferring fish after purchase, be sure to follow the instructions on the shipping bag. And when changing or adding fresh water to the aquarium, use a thermometer. This is especially important in aquariums with caviar and fry. During my aquarium studies, I have collected a whole collection of various measuring instruments. And in this article I will tell you about my experience of using them. And. how not to make a mistake and not overpay when choosing a thermometer.

Types of thermometers.

Liquid crystal thermometer strip is shown in the photo. Digital thermometer sticker. All presented devices from a personal collection and completely tested by me.

Let's start from simple and cheap and finish more or less professional.

One of the most common and budget thermometers in the world of aquariums today is the so-called liquid crystal thermometer (LCD) or strip thermometer. Do not confuse with digital (DIGITAL). They often complete the aquarium level sets. And you can buy them almost for a penny, especially in China, for example, for this link (go). I paid 2 € for 10 pieces. It is glued to the glass. The temperature shows, but you do not expect much precision from it, or rather, it is difficult to see. Depends on many factors: the temperature in the room, direct sunlight, moisture and the quality of gluing to the glass.

In the photo, alcohol thermometers, firms SERA  и  JBL.Thermometers of the next level, the so-called classical ones, known since Soviet times. The temperature is measured with the help of alcohol, It is shown quite accurately. According to the manufacturer's description, the error is 0.5 ° C. A very big disadvantage is that they are very poorly read. On the yellow thermometer Sera to see exact indications it is practically impossible, especially if to look under any angle. In a thermometer from JBL picture and readability is better. And do not panic if you notice metal balls at the bottom. It's not poisonous mercury. A lead weights, for its vertical buoyancy. Buy cheap, but in no way inferior analogs can be on these links ( Sera, JBL). But still, these two devices are not my “heroes”.

Digital thermometer on glass for an aquarium. Digital thermometr for aquarium water.But the following "guys" are quite another matter. Beautiful, stylish, effective looking and easily visible. They are called digital (DIGITAL). The first kind, like the "thermometer-strip", is glued to the glass. Powered by a battery. I have a year without replacement. Because of the thickness of the glass, it usually "lies" at 1 degree. But you quickly get used to it. But the appearance, beyond praise. I use on all aquariums. On aliexpress are not expensive. Ordered here (click!).

The photo shows a digital thermometer with a remote sensor. Digital thermometer with wire.Digital, but more advanced and accurate, a thermometer with a remote sensor, for lowering into the aquarium. Shows exactly. It also works on battery power. At first time I used it when changing water. Attached the sensor inside the end of the hose, which is lowered into the aquarium, and turned on the water. A small minus is that the readings are updated with a delay of seconds 5, and it's pretty hard to catch the right degree. But it is convenient to use in various aquariums with caviar and spawning. Even in opaque buckets. Because the display is a meter away from the sensor. I saw the price in the 10 area of ​​the euro at the zoo stores. But in appearance, except for the branded inscription, it does not differ from the Chinese one. I bought on Aliexpress for this link (go), for very different money.

On the photo, laser, non-contact, thermometer. Digital laser thermometer.And last on my list, the king of my collection is a laser thermometer for all occasions. Measures the temperature of any surface at a distance and quite accurately. For the experience measured body temperature. Naturally, if taken from the surface of the hand, it shows less. But if you open your mouth and try on there, then it gives out practically 36,6. There is even a variant of such a thermometer for babies. (Look!).

I am without such a thermometer, as without hands. I use it many times a day. Since it gives out the temperature instantly, then for me it is simply not replaceable when replacing and refilling. Just direct to the stream of water. Worth a little more expensive, even on Aliexpressbut fully justified. I bought this link (Go!).


Of course, now in almost all modern aquarium heaters there is a temperature controller. But the accuracy of the readings there is usually even less than in the cheapest thermometer. Yes, and reinsurance, in order to avoid getting “soup” or overcooling eggs with larvae due to a broken thermostat, will not be superfluous. Just glanced passing by the aquarium thermometer, and in the case of incomprehensible testimony you can have time to save everyone!
And finally, a few of my photos, with temperature comparisons. From which it is clear that almost all modern thermometers are fairly accurate. All photos can be enlarged by clicking!
Aquarium Temperature - This is Important! (Types of 2019 Heaters).
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Aquarium Temperature - This is Important! (Types of 2019 Heaters).
In this article I will tell you what are the aquarium thermometers, their types and features, and also where to buy and how not to overpay extra money.
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