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Installing Aquarium on Wooden Floor. (My experience!)

Special drillbits for Juwel 180 legs After choosing and buying an aquarium, the next very important step on which the safety of your housing and the housing of your neighbors depends on the bottom is its installation. And although the quality of aquariums is now at a very high level, and the manufacturer’s warranty for silicone seams, against leakage, reaches 7 years, it’s best to do everything right at the beginning.

Main rules:

  1. The aquarium should be very stable.
  2. The aquarium should be leveled, without any distortions of levels, otherwise the water pressure on one of the walls can squeeze out the glass.

And what if the floor is wooden or covered with a laminate, there are skews and vibrations?

Here is my answer, for example JUWEL VISION 180 with stand.

  1. We order in the furniture workshop the second floor for the aquarium stand.
  2. We buy in DIY or on the Internet strong metal adjustable legs, with height, based on the thickness of your wooden cover.Holes under the legs of the aquarium in the floor.Check the height can be a thin drill to the concrete.
  3. We put on the floor and mark the place of the holes for the legs.
  4. Buy in DIY or on the Internet drills for large holes.
  5. We drill. If the thickness of the wood or the laminate is large, the drill can get very hot. I used water for cooling.
  6. We set and adjust the bottom by level.
  7. We install a stand and an aquarium.

8. Check the level. . For reliability, you can also screw the cabinet to the wall using metal corners.

9. And one more important advice!

If you have a large aquarium and live not on the first floor, insure an apartment. Now it's not expensive, and you can sleep peacefully. Just choose the insurance that would cover not only your damage, but also neighbors from the floor bellow.

Bottom for Juwel 180 with leggs on a floor.

Additional legs for stand Juwel 180 in this photo.

Cabinet for Juwel 180 is depicted in this photo.

The aquarium is pictured here. Juwel Vision 180 by amazonium. Net.

Pictured how to measure the level of the aquarium Juwel Vision 180.


  1. Svetlana says:

    It is not very clear why to strengthen aqua so much. Is it possible to collapse ??

    • Svetlana, in my house, in the 5-storey house, as in many other houses, first there is a panel overlap, then a wooden frame, then a plywood and a laminate. And when you walk in a tree, there is a deflection. Aquarium for 180 liters, c cabinet, water and decorations weighs a kilogram 250. And, of course, there will be a skew in any way, and this is very harmful for the aquarium, since the load will be on one glass, plus the constant vibrations from passing alongside. And so, we drill holes, and put on ideally smooth concrete and completely independent of the deflections and vibrations! And the neighbors sleep peacefully :)

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