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Melafix For Your Aquarium - The Simple Solution! (Do it yourself!)

Melafix - This is a very popular natural therapeutic and prophylactic agent to combat bacterial and fungal diseases in fish, as well as to strengthen the immune system based on the extract of the Australian tea tree oil (Melaleuca alternifolia) Australian tea family of tropical trees and shrubs belonging to the family myrtle. To this same family belong also such well-known in the world pharmaceutics and culinary trees as clove, myrtle, guava, feijoy, and of course eucalyptus.

Useful properties of tea tree oil.

This image shows a tea tree. Tea tree can be seen on this picture. Since ancient times, people have noticed the speedy healing of wounds and cuts in the skin when rubbed with oil from tea tree. Now medicine and cosmetology fully recognized the healing properties of this oil and it is widely used. This is confirmed by numerous studies and tests. Applied mainly as an antiseptic, in aromatherapy, and in products for oral hygiene. And also in all sorts of skin care products. The advantage is that it has no side effects.

The tool is also completely safe for all inhabitants of the aquarium and plants, whether fish, snail or shrimp.

How to make yourself?

To begin with, here is a description of the drug on the manufacturer's website. Melafix - www.apifishcare.com.

The tool is not cheap, but there is a very simple solution, how to make it at home and with minimal cost.

Here's what we need:

Set for making Melafix at home.Melafix-Set for home made

-Tea tree oil 2lm (we buy in a drugstore or a cosmetics store.) It's enough for a long time, it's not expensive. For measuring, use a syringe or a measuring spoon.

-Empty plastic bottle.

-Fine sea salt, without iodine and other additives (we buy in any supermarket)15gr

We use scales or a spoon (1 teaspoon accommodates with a slide -10gr)

-Distilled water (we buy in any auto parts store or pharmacy).190ml

Method of preparation:

We fall asleep salt and oil in a bottle. Shake for a few minutes.

Add water and shake for a few minutes.


Mode of application:

As with the original tool, use -5ml for 38 liters for 7 days, then change 25% of the water in the aquarium, then you can repeat the course. When applying the drug, a pleasant smell and oil film can appear-this is normal.

Store in the refrigerator and shake before use!

Useful video on the topic:

Melafix for your aquarium is a simple solution!
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Melafix for your aquarium is a simple solution!
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