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Aquarium Plants (2019) - Simple Solutions! Discover!

If you are new to aquarium hobby and want to have beautiful aquarium plant green, no complex tasks with special soil, systems CO2, fertilizer and special lighting are simple solutions and my rating of unpretentious plants.

The number one plant for beginners and not only is Hornwort –Hornwort (Ceratophyllum).

Hornwort, an aquarium plant, is depicted in this photo. Hornwort on this picture.

The plant looks beautiful, grows very fast in almost any environment that can meet newcomers, does not require soil, helps to quickly establish and maintain a bio-balance, easily multiplies. I always use it in spawning aquariums and aquariums with fry. Of the minuses, the lack of roots, so it is difficult to achieve that the bush was in one place, but there is my decision (link in the treatment).

Plant number two by simplicity — almost all species cryptocarin - Cryptocoryne.On the image there is an aquatic plant of cryptocorin (cryptocorine). Cryptocorine can be seen on this photo.

The cryptocarine scrub looks great both in a large and a small aquarium, does not require strong lighting, it easily adapts to most of the temperature and chemical compositions of water. Easily multiplies by dividing the bush (you can then successfully sell).

The next kind of plant for beginners-Echinodorus (Amazon Swords (Echinodorus)).

An unpretentious plant for planting in the ground, which is often used by fish, such as angelfish (Scalare) and Apistograms (Microgeophagus) for laying eggs and which is very convenient to later move to another aquarium for hatching.Echinodorus is depicted in this photo. Echinodorus can be seen on this photo.

For the beauty of the background, perfect Wallisneria (Vallisneria).

Vallisneria can bee seen oh this picture. The Wallysneria aquarium plant is depicted in this image.

Very unpretentious plant-quickly creating bright green vertical thickets along the back wall.

If you use driftwood or other shelter-an ideal plant growing on them (at the initial stage, a fishing line), there will be Anubias (Anubias) - different kinds.

It is unpretentious, and due to the fact that it grows on snags of different levels and hanging roots, it helps to create truly fabulous landscapes.Anubias plant growing on snags can be seen in this photo. Anubias can be seen here.

The most beautiful, but the most expensive of the unpretentious, in my opinion, is Krinum wavy (Crinum Calamistratum) Unusual beauty, with leaves in the form of mysterious tentacles enveloping the entire aquarium, will perfectly help in the design of your aquarium.

Crinum calamistratum is the best aquarium plant can be seen on this photo. Krinum, an aquarium plant, in this image.

For landscaping the surface of your aquarium is ideal pistiaPistia stratiotes) Aquarium top water plant-pistia can be seen on this photo. In the photo, a floating plant is a pistia.

и riccia (Riccia fluitans). Unobtrusive, beautiful and serve as an excellent refuge for newborn fry. The only downside, in my opinion, is that the pieces of riccia can strongly clog the filter.Riccia, a floating aquarium plant. riccia-aquarium plant, can be seen here.

And finally, short cheat sheet (plants helper) before the first campaign for plants in the pet store (you can open the page there, copy, take a picture, rewrite) or copy the last photo below.

Quick assistant to the plants.

-Universal, for all cases - Hornwort –Hornwort (Ceratophyllum).

- Landing in the ground - cryptocaryn (Cryptocoryne)

- Ekhinodorus (Amazon Swords( Echinodorus))

Landing on the background - Valisneria (Vallisneria)

Very beautiful and unusual - wavy Crinum (Crinum Calamistratum)

On the snags - Anubias (Anubias)

Floating - pistols (Pistia stratiotes)

- Richie (Riccia fluitans)

Help with aquarium's plants can be seen here. The photo shows a brief assistant for aquarium plants.

Good luck in the design! amazonium. Net

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