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Amazonium.net (2019). Blog Mission. Discover!

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This picture shows me with my aquarium Juwel Vision 180. The photo refers to the blog mission article. Important: All photos, videos and highlighted links in this and other sections are clickable!

So there you go!

Good day to all. In childhood, parents “hooked” on fish, starting an aquarium on 25 liters with danios, guppies and barbs, then had a childhood friend, whose father was professionally engaged in aquariums. Together they went to the lake to catch live food, and tried to make homemade filters and breed fish. In my youth I had to be abandoned. And now, on 40 years, I persuaded my wife to “a new old hobby” and a gift to me in the form of an aquarium JUWEL VISION 180 with brand cabinet. How to install on the floor with lags (to read), how to decorate and run, read in my next articles.
At that time, from the available information, I had only one book on aquaristics and tips from fish sellers from the street market. Now, thanks to the Internet and technology, to engage in aquarium art was at times more interesting, but at times more expensive :)))

Over the year, the number of aquariums has increased to seven. My wife, who has drawn in over time and can easily manage all the fish farming, has been invaluable in my, and now ours, hobby. The first time I managed to breed and grow such fish like scalars (scalare), butterfly apistograms (Microgeophagus Ramirezi) and zebrafish glo (Zebrafish). AT At the facebook, and on thematic forums, they just filled me with questions, often the most banal ones, and I decided to tell in a simple way about personal experience, as well as how to save as much in this not cheap hobby.

Good luck to everyone!

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Aquarium. Good to know!

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Amazonium.net. The mission of the blog.
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Amazonium.net. The mission of the blog.
An article about what thoughts and events led me to become interested in aquariums.
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Amazonium. Net
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  1. Ivonna says:

    Umnichka 🙂 Now everyone who calls me or writes, will send me to (with the knowledge that this osabo has the ability to read and understand) ... on Vadim's blog 😀

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