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Aquarium (2019). How to Start Right? Discover!

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In this section I will try to describe my personal experience in launching an aquarium from scratch, starting with buying, installing, running, buying fish, plants, shrimps and snails. I will tell you how not to buy too much, so that you will not be disappointed and will not drain your work and money into the toilet.

How and where is it possible to buy as cheap as possible what is in the store worth serious money, and on the Internet, a mere penny :)

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Five major rules

Chemical balance

Aquarium. Good to know!

Ammonia tests for aquariums can be seen in this image. Ammonia tests for aquarium water are shown in this image.



Logo with nitrite ath the aquarium can be seen in this picture. The nitrite test in the aquarium is shown in this photo.



Aquarium. How to start?
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Aquarium. How to start?
Aquarium. How to start? A post on how to start doing your favorite hobby and avoid mistakes in the first stages!
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