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Chemical Balance (Bio Balance) in the Aquarium! + Photo. Learn more!

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This photo shows the chemical balance that occurs in the aquarium. Chemical balance can be seen on this picture.

Fisheslike all living things, they eat and leave behind "waste", but unlike other living things or fish in the wild, their "waste" is in a confined space, and can poison them, since they contain a strong poison Ammonia (Ammonia).

The principle of chemical balance in a simple form looks like it does on our scheme.

Fish eat and release ammonia (ammonia) which feed bacteria living in the filter and soil. After them, Nitrites (Nintrite), which are also very harmful in large doses.

They are fed by other bacteria, and which Nitrates leave behind (Nitrate) Nitrates are not so dangerous, and serve as an excellent fertilizer to plants.

Optimal indicators will not be given here, since they come with any tests for measurements.Chemical tests for aquarium water.

Just to maintain cleanliness and "airing the room" once a week, change part of the water to fresh, from the tap. Percentages of 20-25%. To make it easier to understand, I measured the height of aquarium with a tape measure

from the water surface to the ground, the result is divided into 4. Then he measured the obtained index from the water surface and the marker made a mark in the corner. Here's to it and drain the water.

The aquarium filter is only cleaned in the aquarium water

This picture shows a test for ammonia in the aquarium! Amo + nia can be seen oh this photo.

When replacing water, the filter is better to wash or change the sponges the next day, in order to avoid a sharp jump in chemical parameters.

And ... do not do so often, otherwise you will destroy all the bacteria that live there.

I change the sintepon for primary cleaning with each replacement, the other sponges once in 3 a month approximately.

Chemical balance in the aquarium. Good to know!

Chemical balance (bio balance) in the aquarium!
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Chemical balance (bio balance) in the aquarium!
How to adjust the chemical balance in the aquarium - in simple words about the complex!
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