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Beginner Aquarist General Rules (2019). Learn more!

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                                                                                 №1 Do not hurry!

Haste, one of the main mistakes in any action in aquarium, whether the launch of a new aquarium or the purchase of new fish. And this rule is very closely intertwined with the rule № 2.

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The photo shows a beautiful girl with a magnifying glass. Nice girl can be seen on this photo.

  # 2 Think over all your steps, both for the near future and for a long time!

Overflow and splashing of water around the aquarium, when using buckets.For example, when choosing the location of an aquarium, calculate whether it will be convenient to serve, whether it will be possible to stretch the hoses to the kitchen or bathroom during a water change. If you replace 40 liters with hoses, it takes 15 minutes and no effort, except to monitor the temperature and level, then keep and pour a thin trickle of 10 liter bucket-so-so occupation, plus wet floors.

A huge aquarium fish catfish is depicted in this photo. Big pleco fish can be seen on this picture.When you go to a pet store for fish, your eyes run up and you want everyone at once. Stop! The fact is that usually young ones are sold fishes... At this age, they are all small and usually still peaceful. Go to Google directly in the store from your phone, or rewrite or take a picture of the name, read who will grow “this cute catfish” and make sure that in a year it will not grow 30 centimeters and will not eat all the fish, snails, plants, and you will not have to think about what zoo to attach it to.

Aquarium mud on white sand is depicted in this photo. Dirty white sand can be seen on this picture.When buying a snow-white white sand, look at the photo on the Internet, as it looks through time, when it will appear green algae and remains of vital activity.

The eggs of angelfish, laid on a leaf of echinodorus, can be seen in this photo. Eggs of scalare fish can be seen on this picture.When you see the eggs in the aquarium, and decide to grow fry, think about whether you have a free aquarium, heater, filter. Can you breed a live fish food and feed them 5 once a day (reference to growing brine shrimp) and change the water daily. And do not forget that two hundred micro eggs that fit on one leaf of a plant, under favorable conditions, will turn into two hundred fairly large fish, which for one feeding will eat a week's supply of feed)

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                           №3 Do not overfeed!

Cheerful teenagers aquarium fish angelfish are depicted in this photo. Scalare fish can be seen on this picture!Over time, the fish will get used to you, they will cease to be afraid of you, they will begin to associate you with food, and every time you approach the aquarium, they will pretend to be very hungry. Don't give in and feed

according to established rules. The exception is fry, they do not overeat and should be almost always with food, but you need to monitor the purity of the water.


                                 No.4 Do not wash the internal filter often!

When cleaning in an aquarium, it seems logical to clean the filter sponge. But this is fundamentally the wrong decision. By this action you will wash all the necessary bacteria and can completely disturb the balance in the aquarium (here is my article on balance sheet ). I change the sintepon once a week, my sponge once in 3 months and only in aquarium water (it is important !!!), and I do not touch any ceramics and bioshars at all).

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                                 №5 Do not forget to change the water!

The fish cannot “ventilate the room” themselves and all waste remains in the aquarium and can poison them greatly, so every week we change 20-25% to fresh. More details can be read here.

        Good luck to everyone!                                                                                   www.amazonium. Net

Aquarium. Good to know!

Ammonia tests for aquariums can be seen in this image. Ammonia tests for aquarium water are shown in this image.



Logo with nitrite ath the aquarium can be seen in this picture. The nitrite test in the aquarium is shown in this photo.



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