Scalares fishes can be seen in here.

Keeping of

Mexican cancer can be seen in here.


Frogs can be seen in this image!


Helena Snail can be seen in this image.


Scalare male can be seen in here.

Ambulance for your aquarium

Star Ancistrus can be seen in this image.


Danio glofish can be seen in this image.


Loricaria Red can be seen in this image.

Rare fish

Catfish can be seen in this image.
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Dwarf frog (Hymenochirus boettgeri) - an attack on Mexican Crayfish! The video is not for the faint of heart! + 18

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Dwarf frog (Hymenochirus boettgeri). General information! To accurately present a picture of what is happening, for a start, a brief description of the main character. Dwarf frog (Hymenochirus boettgeri) - Bettger's hymeno-virus, a peaceful miniature frog known for its comical behavior! (At one of the forums, someone called this frog “meditator ... Read more

Air diffuser for aquarium with nano bubbles! Air diffuser for aquarium! Test, comparison + video installation in a biotope aquarium.

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Aquarium sprayer. As for me, for some reason I can not perceive the usual air spray in the aquarium. They remind me of a boiling kettle, and the noise from them is quite loud. Therefore, from the very beginning of aquarium hobby, I am always looking for an aquarium sprayer with… Read more

My first paludarium! Paludarium. Step-by-step instructions for creating a paludarium from Alik Ten. 36 Photos and Videos!

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Thank you very much Alik Ten for the materials provided! All texts, photos and videos are published with the personal permission of the author! All materials are published without editing! My first palyudarium. I decided to build a home for small crabs. Vampire crab Geosesarma Dennerle. Crab Red Devil Geosesarma Hagen. Was bought … Read more

Electric Gravel Cleaner. Review, test and video! Siphon electric Sunsun.

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Electric gravel cleaner! Introduction. I do not know why, but I just have some kind of a search for the perfect cleaner for the soil in the aquarium. As a result, already accumulated a decent collection of these devices. The only thing missing was completely electric. And just recently got one. I bought ... Read more

Aquael Plant. Comparison + photo Aquael Plant Leddy Tube and Aquael Sunny Leddy Tube. Comparison with examples.

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Why Aquael Plant? To begin with, I will immediately explain that I have no direct relation to Aquael (neither financial nor advertising, and everything is bought for my money). But thanks to the excellent quality and reasonable prices, a rather large collection of their products has accumulated. ... Read more

Crabs in Paludarium. (Geosarma). Crabs in Paludarium from Alik Ten.

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Crabs in Paludarium. Introduction. Some time ago I met an amazing person who, although he belongs to the aquarist community, is at the same time different from them. It differs in that it contains not only fish and shrimps, but also amazing creatures - ... Read more

TETRA GLO - the first acquaintance (+ video)! Tetra Glo - photos, videos and personal experiences!

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Tetra Glo. Following the colored luminous Danio Rerio Glo (about which I have already written several posts), in 2012, the scientists received an order from to create genetically modified Tetra. And I must say it turned out quite well. How to paint aquarium fish. ... Read more

Aerlift filter of the new generation! Review and test. Airlift filter. Photo and video.

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Airlift filter. What is it? Maybe this name of the filter will seem unfamiliar to some, especially beginners. But how many ordinary airlift filters look like, I think, have seen. This is usually a black round sponge and plastic tubing for air supply and return. Principle of operation. What would ... Read more

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